Welcome to Pedini of Detroit, Architecture and Design in the Kitchen

We strive to set the status quo in kitchen cabinets. Our world is frequently changing. Bold curiosity are the traits of those who always search and explore new ways and solutions, for we do not follow trends, but we set them.

Metro Detroit’s Contemporary and Modern Luxury Kitchen Cabinet Installers

Welcome to Pedini of Detroit, we provide our clients with Italian-designed furnishings of the highest standard and style. Our company headquartered in Lucrezia, Italy has been producing luxury modern kitchens since 1956 in Italy and we known for our ‘cutting edge’ contemporary kitchen design, advanced smart kitchen technology and its range and quality of materials. As one of the finest Italian kitchen design firms, we are committed to research and development, stay ahead of trends, introducing new finishes and design concepts each year. Our Pedini modern kitchen and bath designs offer highly personal choices and allow for greater creativity in the design.

Good taste never goes out of style, and neither do our Italian cabinets.

Kitchen Space

Our concepts are spoken through forms and refined aesthetic solutions. It starts from the vigilant selection of modern materials and colors to realize modular, flexible and personalized solutions. Each of our projects is the result of this approach, combined with a deep respect for the environment.

Living Space

The solutions are given by the opening of shared environments in which there are no limitations, but only new frontiers to discover. The kitchen blends with the surrounding spaces, creating living areas that draw the contemporary spirit of the Pedini collections with a contemporary decor.


Adding an addition is one way to add value to a home while also making it a more enjoyable place to live. Homeowners who have a growing family or who don’t want to leave the neighborhood may find an addition preferable to moving. Home improvement projects in Metro Detroit is easy with us.


HI PEDINI is our new smart home project that brings together Pedini‘s refined design, Microsoft‘s smart technology and IoMote‘s innovation in a kitchen 4.0.


Feel free to contact us to set up an appoint at our showroom in Detroit. We are proud to offer a dynamic space, a place where creativity and design can meet.
Our showroom highlights some of the most elegant creations for kitchen cabinets, living room, closets, and bathroom. We also offer the latest HI PEDINI system, developed thanks to the collaboration with Microsoft and Iomote.


With our long-standing experience in design, we are able to manufacture kitchen cabinets, bathrooms and living spaces upon any request, delivery time, and budget. Our Pedini of Italy headquarters is able to serve both private customers and for multi-units worldwide. From design, to logistics, from production, to post-sales service. We guarantee the highest level of quality on every project, every time.

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